Once I made my first bracelet of old African necklace brought from Uganda. Then it all began: many options of models came to mind at once, and one in all of them was invariable: subtlety and minimalism.

For bracelets I use only one strong capron thread so that each bracelet is tiny and is not heated up by beads on all circle — so it easily slides around a hand and does not hold down movements.
I instinctively choose colors of beads and stones. I've already tested many stones myself: some give powerful inflow of energy, and some — calmness; some make me thoughtful and silent, others — resolute and even aggressive. And some, when I wear them, attract more joy and pleasure from life.

This jewelry is kind of reflection of my thoughts and intentions which are capable to change the world around us.

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Handiwork from natural minerals will be exposed here. All items are made by me.
The main idea of a brand is thin, graceful jewelry for women designed to emphasize their beauty and uniqueness.
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